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Cindy Farrington - President

John L Painter - Vice President 

Treasurer - open position

Secretary - open position

Board members 

Board member - Helen Kincaid

Board member - Carol LaChance

Board member - Jody Ryan

Board member - Kit Munroe

Board member - Kelly Hartman

Board member - Kathleen Arabasz

Board member - Patricia Ellsworth

Board member - Lisa Sambrook

Board member - Wendy Akerlind

Board member - Nicole Corcoran-Allen

Committee members

Patricia Ellsworth - co-head of training 

Lisa Sambrook -  co-head of training 

Kathleen Arabasz - co-head of training

If you are interested in serving on MRSCA's Board of Directors please contact Cindy Farrington at:

Click PDF file below to download a copy of our organization's By-Laws

Quarterly Association meetings for 2021 (9am to 3pm) Thursdays

March 18

July 15

September 16

November 18

Currently held via Zoom

Held at:

ARCH Beta Resident Center

21 Gray Birch Drive.

Augusta, ME


Contact us at:

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